Critical Incident Stress Management


Human responses to critical incidents are as varied as the number of people involved in the incident. Therefore, each incident requires a response that is specific to the actual needs of those affected, based upon continual assessment of need.  Crisis Intervention Solutions  offers a 'Comprehensive, Integrated, Systematic and Multi-Component' approach, based upon Internationally accepted practices and protocols to Crisis Intervention. This is to ensure individuals, families and organisations receive and implement appropriate support and care that specifically focuses on their needs.

Crisis Intervention Solutions offers the following services to individuals, families and organisations:

  • One-on-one Individual Crisis Support 
  • Defusing
  • Small and large Group Debriefing (CISD)
  • Group Informational Briefing
  • Family Support
  • Pre-Incident Preparation : Psychological Preparedness Training
  • Strategic Psychological Crisis Response Planning - Development of organisational Policies, Protocols and Procedures
  • Pastoral Care Support
  • Resiliency Training
  • Organisational and Community Intervention and consultation
  • Crisis Management Briefings (CMB)
  • CISM Training/Awareness Workshops